Who we are

Chaos – even in the most creative form has not much in common with a good strategy and consistent development. Technological stability, including both infrastructure and administration, requires not only a wide planning perspective but also scalability solutions. In business, you cannot just go with the flow. HACKINGLABS is a group of people who are absolutely passionate about system development life cycle, supported by finishing touches of long time cooperation with retail, business and IT giants: Google, AT&T, T-Mobile USA, T-Mobile Germany, O2 UK. At present the company renders a wide range of services in the field of ICT networks and server environments, in particular:

  • IT Infrastructure administration, operation, management (automation, orchestration)
  • Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Deployment
  • Server Infrastructure Design (dedicated servers, cloud infrastructure, containers)
  • Local, metro, wide area networks design
  • IT infrastructure monitoring
  • Data migrations

Our strength is our intuition based on our knowledge and expertise background. That is also the result of long years’ experience since we are able to manage simultaneously both – the organisation of network areas (routing/switching) and server infrastructure. We have identified the ways to enhance and push our services beyond the horizon since our solutions are always created taking into consideration the development of the products and services of our Customers’ companies. While implementing these, our clients may be absolutely sure about architecture consistency even when unplanned changes in the organisation shall occur. HACKINGLABS means not only over a hundred of effectively implemented IT architectures, but, above all, security of the data and free development of the company.

DevOps is a business philosophy - we work according to your pace.

Agile & ITIL - all in one - shared value chain.

Painless DevOps.

Programming where stability matters, stability developed with business in mind.

What we do

Our main objective is to assure and warrant security and unabated development of the company. We help our customers to improve design and development efficiency. It also includes the management of complex server environments especially by the implementation of DevOps culture, automatization of the processes connected with server and applications configuration, and also with cost-cutting measures of infrastructure lease. At the same time we keep extending our offer so that it already encompasses the automatization of the processes involving creation and migration of IT environment and its configuration (DevOps/CI/CD/laC).

  • Programming and maintenance of IT infrastructure (automatization and management): the implementation and integration of the processes where creating new server environments vs the management of the current ones become far more efficient.
  • Infrastructure as a Code: creating scripts and applications supporting configuration management and improving creating server infrastructure automatization (Chef, Ansible, Puppet, Jenkins, Kubernetes, Docker).
  • Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Deployment: designing solutions to manage creating, automatization and IT environment development processes.
  • Information technology consultancy activities and server environment designing: creating server architecture concepts that start form the choice of the right configuration and its scaling-up, ending up with the assistance with the installation and day-to-day service (dedicated servers, virtual and cloud).
  • Network design (LAN, MAN, WAN): modern ICT network preparation that enables quick and safe data interchange (BGP, OSPF, IPSec VPN, MPLS).
  • IT infrastructure monitoring: design and implementation of IT system infrastructure monitoring, enabling broad view and complementary server architecture work analysis as well as alerting.
  • Assistance in system migration and its application into a new infrastructure, fast and safe transfer as well as data conversion, what enables an on-going work without downtime and the accomplishment of business objectives.


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